As a personal trainer, I can offer one-on-one attention for individual requirements in resistance training, strength training, cardio fitness, nutritional advice, weight loss, and core strengthening, while continuing to offer classes to smaller groups.

If you are more the adventurous type, I offer an outstanding outdoor obstacle course for individuals or small classes.  This course includes weight training, elevation ladders, cone running, stability ball, and core work with ankle weights. 


I have over 27 years experience in the Fitness Industry.  I am certified in Personal Training, Strength Training, Aerobics, Nutrition, Weight Loss and CPR Certified. 


For most of my career, I have taught multiple classes in commercial gyms (including Extreme Body Sculpt and Extreme Core) while also doing personal training.  I have recently relocated from the east coast and have decided to focus all my energy on Personal Training.


Nothing beats one-on-one workouts.  With me, there is no waiting in line for a piece of equipment - a one hour workout, remains a one hour workout. 

I offer classes for small groups.  These classes can be conducted indoors or outdoors.  Classes are available for Body Sculpt, Extreme Core, and outside Obstacle Course. 



If you are in it to win it, I can help you cross the finish line.

Sierra Vista,  AZ

Phone:  520 457-8676




I offer one-on-one personal training for strength and cardio in the space of a private gym - no interruptions, no waiting for equipment.


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